“The American Scholar” and Leaves of Grass Comparison

“Its attractions are the keys which unlock my thoughts and make me acquainted with myself.” – The American Scholar

This quote from Emerson’s work has a strong connection with Whitman. Most of his work is about this idea of oneself and the abilities one can get when you unlock your mind to see more in life than before. Whitman writes about this inner self that needs to be found. It seems to be a very philosophical approach to one’s life and the things around oneself. Whitman’s pieces have this message of me and myself. But it is not an entirely selfish view. It is also about unity with others.

“It is remarkable, the character of the pleasure we derive from the best books.” – The American Scholar

In this next quote out of Emerson’s piece, what stood out was the idea of pleasure. In this quote it talks about the pleasure one can get when they read a good book. And in Whitman’s poems, he talks about pleasure and how one can get their pleasure. He wants people to have pleasure from the experiences in the world around them. He wants them to be able to feel free and good about themselves like he does. Whitman achieves his pleasure by being naked and out in the world to celebrate all of its aspects.


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