“Swiss Family Robinson”, When Nature Plays a Transformative Role

In this book, written by Johann David Wyss, a family of six get shipwrecked and their way to the nearest island. They make their own camp on this new land and make trips back and forth to the ship to get supplies. They were stranded on this for ten years and achieve quite a lot for living on an island. They use animals, dishes, ammunition, etc. from the ship as well. After some time, a British ship finds them after searching for someone else. But some of the family chooses to stay on the island instead of returning back to society.

Nature plays a huge role within this novel and changes all of the characters. They had to learn how to survive on their own with the only supplies being that of the ship. They created their own camp and almost their own society where they could thrive. It made the family tougher and wiser in their life of living on this island. Nature affected them so much that some of them ended up staying on the island after being found. That shows that Nature truly had a positive effect on them.


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